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Public Displays



British Pyrotechnists Association Members

Britannia Fireworks offers a full range of spectacular firework displays to suit every occasion, whether it is a large Bonfire Night Celebration for thousands or a more intimate display such as a carnival or festival.


We specialise in using the latest technology to create a stunning and spectacular display to suit your event and location. Our experienced design team will liaise with you from your initial contact to completion of your display. This includes a full site survey and design consultation, enabling us to design the perfect show influenced by the geography of your chosen location, theme of your event, size of the audience and budget available.

Your show will be designed on virtual firework software, enabling us to visualise the impact of your show before the event. This software allows us to transfer the design digitally to our firing system, ensuring a seamless progression from concept to completion.


Our range of highly experienced technicians allows us to utilise a wide variety of equipment and techniques to produce your show. We use the FireOne digital firing system, giving us the versatility to fire from numerous and remote locations, greatly increasing the safety and impact of your display.

This wealth of experience and technology allows us to perform a large variety of shows including:

  • Bonfire Night Displays
  • New Years Eve Celebrations
  • Christmas light Switch-ons
  • Outdoor & Indoor Concerts
  • Theatrical Productions
  • Diwali Celebrations
  • Chinese New Year
  • Homecoming Celebrations
  • Sporting Events and Award Ceremonies
  • Product Launches
  • Corporate Parties & Events


Health and Safety is at the forefront of our service. We provide £10 million public liability insurance, a full risk assessment and site survey tailored to your specific requirements. All of our firing technicians are trained using the British Pyrotechnic Association scheme of training. This ensures a consistent safety level is maintained throughout our staff. For more information on BPA training, please use this link to the BPA's website.

The focus of all our show designs is customer satisfaction and providing high impact, exhilarating shows to suit every occasion.

3 Keys to Unlock Success

Established and Experienced

Britannia Fireworks Displays has a wealth of experience that is drawn on at every stage in every project we undertake. Our team of over thirty Professional Display Operators have on average 12 years experience each; although many of the team have over 20 years experience and all have worked on a wide variety of performances and events across a broad mixture of display sites.

Professional and Reliable

A large portion of the companies' turnover is continually re-invested in training and equipment, ensuring that we are at the cutting edge of our industry. Safety is the biggest factor in our daily work.

As part of our commitment to safety we continuously monitor our practices, assess our risks and train our staff. All our crew are trained in the British Pyrotechnics Association scheme of training, which is City and Guilds certified, and meets the latest requirements of European legislation.

High Quality and Value for Money

We also put a huge amount of effort into ensuring we deliver the highest quality product at the best possible price.

Unlike some of our competitors, we have sought to offer the perfect balance of value and quality. By importing directly from Europe, the Far East and the USA as well as sourcing from here in the UK, we can offer the best combination of price and quality.

We firmly believe that offering cheaper products is counter-productive and we are driven by quality and performance, which also brings better results in terms of safety and our clients' satisfaction.