Cosmopolitan Party Fireworks Display

A very smooth and subtle blend of some of the best quality fireworks; power and colour with a long lasting effect is at the heart of the Cosmopolitan Display. Every item has been carefully chosen and choreographed to bring out the very best. The mid range Cosmopolitan show delivers the best of both worlds - exclusive yet affordable.

Show Schedule (approx 7 minutes)

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  • Musical Party Fireworks

    6-7 minute display using 2 or 3 tracks of your favourite music. Find out more

    + £295 Add


  • Party Fireworks Gold Finale + FREE Add
  • Party Fireworks Diamond Finale + FREE Add
  • Party Fireworks Emerald Finale + FREE Add
  • Party Fireworks Ruby Finale + FREE Add
  • Party Fireworks Sapphire Finale + FREE Add


  • Party Fireworks Show Starter

    A member of the Party can electrically ignite the first firework by remote control

    + £29 Add
  • Party Fireworks Number Fire Writing

    Your choice of numbers

    + £59 Add
  • Party Fireworks Letter Fire Writing

    4 letters as standard, each additional letter £12

    + £69 Add

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